Some years ago I realized that languages aren’t my only passion. I have met a new delight — mobile phones. But it became obvious that mobile content isn’t accessible for everyone, because it often lacks one crucially important thing — translation.

1st cellphone
2nd cellphone

That’s why I began to translate the apps I was interested of. Then it became some kind of hobby, I joined the professional translators community on XDA where we translate different apps created by our estimated developers.

The thread was started by a highly respected XDA member benkxda, later I was assigned to maintain it. Only four of us were awarded by the community «XDA Recognized translator» title, I am one of them.

The work is going on. Here I’d like to present you some of my translatıons made within our XDA community and outside. Not all of those were made by me personally, some were created by many volunteers in a single crew where I had a happy chance to participate. Meet these useful programms and some other interesting stuff!

What’s there on this poorly designed kind of site:

«Translated» section offers my works and works of translators crews I was part of.

«На русском» section is for Russian users not fluent in English (здесь русские пользователи, не знающие английского, если вдруг интересно, могут посмотреть, что полезного для народа я в своей жизни сделал. Не хвастовства ради, просто, чтобы самому не забыть).

«Interesting» section is to publish everything. For instance, Google made unaccesible for some reasons my translation of SD Maid help, thus I put it here. Another Google document I don’t want to lose — the list of retired translators from our XDA thread. If I find something interesting, I will publish it here. If someone has anything to offer for this blog, you’re free to post it in comments to be transferred to this section by me later, or just use the next section to contact me.

«Contacts» section doesn’t need explanation, I suppose? 🙂